Wine Crawl

Wine Crawl is private wine tour in select cities that includes trips to popular wine bars, wineries and restaurants. Originating as a one time event, it proved so popular that the Crawl expanded to spring summer and fall crawls and from Chicago to other cities including an annual “destination crawl” to Napa Valley. Wine Crawl now combine gourmet food, fine wine and other guilty pleasures along the journey. Starting late 2015 the company began adding private crawls for special events.
Wine Crawl Private Wine Tours
Entertaining corporate clients?   Special occasions like birthdays and nights on the town.  Let us do the planning for you with your own private wine crawl. Fun , affordable and tailored to your interests. Contact us for pricing and information.
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Upcoming Wine Crawls 
February 18-20th – Wine Crawl Napa
April 9th – Wine Crawl Chicago to SW Michigan Wineries
July TBD – Chicago Summer Wine Crawl – Rooftops and Terraces
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