Company Overview

In 2005, 220 Communications was primarily a marketing company. Our services comprised of internet marketing and social media. We created promotional campaigns for the arts, independent film, music, networking and themed events, as well as the creation of a relationship board game. We applied the principles of direct marketing in the social media arena and as a result, 220 Communications’ marketing prowess expanded to include promotions and partnerships in Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Dallas, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.
Additionally, the company produces more than 15 social awareness events annually, with more than half benefitting a designated charity through signature events. These events, such as Authors and Artists, Pampering for a Purpose, “Pour” (Wine Tasting and Social Awareness) and Non-Profit Fairs, continue to give 220 Communications the competitive edge.

Marketing Overview

  • 220 Marketing services provide a one-stop digital and hands-on marketing services to enhance your publishing and distribution experience.
  • Our marketing strategy and digital marketing programs is responsible for mass communicating your message through broadcasting, publishing, and the internet.
  • Marketing strategy is the backbone of your marketing plan.
  • Digital Marketing Programs will make your books, products, or services visible to your niche market.
  • Exposure is the key element to success and sales.