What We Do


220 Communications Second to None

220 Communications is an organization that provides services and develops products and experiences that uplift, support, enlighten and entertain. Divisions include publishing, marketing strategy, events and experiences all with one helping others achieve.

Why Choose 220 Communications?

  • 1
  • Commitment to Excellence Every division of 220 Communications, every team member, every event and activity is undertaken with the highest level of commitment. Excellence is our limit. We work leaving no stone unturned.

  • 2
  • Memorable Events and Experiences Our track record screams happy times, great memories relived over and over in the many cities we work in around the country. From Chicago to Atlanta 220 Communications’ social and cause events go one step further event after event, after event.

  • 3
  • Services Second to None Our services allow us to think and work outside the box. Whether it’s marketing services inclusive of social media or finding book signing opportunities for our authors, what we do is truly, Service Second To None.

  • 4
  • Support For Your Success We mean it. When we start a relationship we maintain it. 220 Publishing works with our authors to ensure they go the farthest possible with their published works.

  • 5
  • We make the Best Partner As a core value 220 supports the best awareness causes. Whether we give to a cause or host a cause we make working with us the easiest and worthwhile experience one can expect.